Feedback post

This post is for those who have commissioned pieces or bought things from me to leave feedback for aurorahermione/aurora_hime. Thank you!

Please simply leave comments about your experience.


I have been very busy these past few days both with the opening and run of the play and with PMX.
Tonight is the last day of the play and tomorrow is the last day of PMX. I will have a lot more free time! But still a lot to do.
~Finish Skirt Commission
~Swan Lake Bodice- Mockup and then make it. I am just so afraid that my pattern drafting skills are not good enough. I am going to try to redo the pattern by using the original bodice as a base and going from there. I hope I will have a working pattern early this week.
~Bonnet Commission
I hope I can get these things done quickly and done well! I have plans for a few other things but these things come first, of course!

Update: Play Designs

No sewing over the past 2 days since I was very busy with the play I designed the costumes for. The play is Agnes of God. I designed all the costumes and made the nun costumes. Today was the first tech/dress. These photos were taken during the runthrough.
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Lucky Star Progress

Blouse finished minus boob guard, bow, hemming
Skirt pleated, waistband attached, need to put in zipper and finish
Blouse finished minus boob guard, bow, hemming
Skirt cut, bias tape added, hemmed, needs to be pleated, waistband and zipper
Goal: Finish both by Friday

Next up:
Swan Lake Bodice
Skirt Commission